The Alhambra will restore the Bibrambla door.

Alhambra is the most visited monument in Spain; a true jewel with an incalculable cultural and historical value. In Shine Hotels we give you the opportunity to enjoy a hotel overlooking the Alhambra in the city of Granada. An experience for the five senses.


Patronato of the Alhambra in Granada,  has recently announced that it will restore the Bibrambla gate, also known as Arco de las Orejas, during the first half of next year 2019. It is located in the forest that is around the monumental site, and has great historical and cultural value.


The director of the monumental complex, Reynaldo Fernández, has indicated in a press conference that the study of both the door and the western flank of the Madina wall up to Bibalmazán has occurred after locating remains of the old Bab al-Ramla and of foundations of the wall of the Medina al-Garnata in a building located in the center of the city of Granada.puerta bibrambla alhambra


The remains found so far are of great interest to learn more in depth the history of the Arc de las Orejas. The researchers have been able to analyze with great accuracy the chronology of the Arc, as well as the use and importance it had as a defense system.


About the project of restoration of the door of Bibrambla, the person in charge of the Service of Conservation and Protection of the Board, Antonio Ruiz Sánchez, has explained that it will take place during the first quarter of next year 2019. The cleaning works will focus on the cleaning for Remove layers of dust and dirt adhering to the monument.


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