The best tapas bars in Granada

We, as the Shine hotels team, and as an accommodation with views of the Alhambra, want our guests to take the most advantage possible of their stay. One of the most common activities in Granada is the “tapeo”: visiting different bars where you can get free tapas. In Granada, a bier or even a glass of wine costs two euros on average. But our tapas are not just the classic peanut snack; there is some kind of contest between every bar for offering the best tapas (regarding quality and quantity). You can find our top-five tapas bars below:


  • Los Diamantes. A bar opened since 1942, and always crowded. Their most typical tapas are white prawn, fried fish mixture, sesos (animal brains), gizzards, hake, and delicious marinated dogfish.


  • Casa Enrique. Serving wine since 1870, claims to be the most ancient bar of the city, and the third most ancient bar in Andalusia. This venue is a traditional tavern with a wooden bar, historical pictures, nice wine and even better cold meat.


  • Bodegas Castañeda. It is clearly one of the most famous places in Granada. Furnished and garnished as an ancient tavern, their tapas offer an exquisite quality. We recommend you to taste the delicious calicasa, a mixture of some sweet local homemade wines.


  • La Bella y la Bestia II. This bar is located right in the traditional neighbourhood of the Albayzín, just one minute away from us. This bar offers great tapas (especially regarding quantity, but also regarding quality); you won’t need more than a few beers with tapa to feel full.


  • Bodeguilla de al Lado. A small venue where nice wines and drinks have been served for more than twenty years. Their tables are still covered with crocheted tablecloths and they use vynil records, as if it was still an ancient tavern.


If you do not want to miss anything of this wonderful city and the whole province of Granada, and if you are looking for an accommodation with views of the Alhambra, do not hesitate to stay at Shine hotels. You can easily contact us by filling in this form; we are looking forward to hearing from you!

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